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Vedic astrology

Numerology Syllabus

  1. Introduction to Numerology

  2. Basic of Numerology – Numbers & Planets

  3. Indian Numerology – Kabala Numerical Table & Chart, Fate Number,  Destiny Number & Name Number, Karmic Compound Number, Personal Year, Pinnacle Year, Predictive Numerology, Sepharial Chart (The Health Chart), Relationships & Marriage Compatible Charts, Rules Related to Marriage & Interpretations

  4. Western Numerology – Pythagoras Numerical Table & Chart, Birth Name – Calculation & Analysis of Personality & Character, Expression Name, Number, Soul Urge Number, Plane Of Expression, Occult Significance of Numbers – Spiritual Meaning & Influence of Numbers

  5. General Calculation – Important Years in a person’s life, Good & Favorable days, Lucky Numbers, Choosing the Accurate house numbers, Favorable colors, tracing lost objects